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3 tips to maximize your time (and keep your sanity) at Dreamforce

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Dreamforce 2017 Conference

As you may have heard, Dreamforce is a marathon. Few other corporate events last for so many days or are jam-packed with so much programming and energy. There is certainly no shortage of “Dreamforce survival guides” out there. But, as Dreamforce vets, we wanted to share three often overlooked tips that will help you to prioritize, to be productive—and, most importantly, to relax and enjoy the show.

Insider tip #1: Choose sessions that speak to you

The session lineup at Dreamforce is amazingly vast. With so many concurrent sessions, it’s a struggle to figure out which sessions to attend. Here’s a rule of thumb: Choose the sessions that speak to you and your role. What skills and ideas do you want to learn? What types of information will be helpful for your team and company? Ask yourself those questions while reviewing the agenda to help prioritize your time. The answers will lead you to a mix of sessions that will cover both your company’s priorities and your own personal growth.

Insider tip #2: Make a plan for when you return to the office

This goes for most conferences, but especially for Dreamforce. No matter how much knowledge you absorb while at the show, you (and your company) won’t benefit unless you turn that knowledge into action. A great way to do this is to bring colleagues to the sessions that you think are most important. After each session, discuss individual ways to implement the key takeaways upon your return to work. And if you attend sessions solo, talk with colleagues about what you learned—perhaps over dinner or drinks that evening. After Dreamforce, a team debrief is a great way to prioritize new strategies and ideas (you’ll have A LOT of them).

Insider tip #3: Get away from it all

Like I said before, Dreamforce is a marathon. For some, it can eat up nearly a full week. The conference takes place in downtown San Francisco, turning an already busy part of town into a crowded, crazy spectacle. At some point, you’ll just need a break. The scene calms down as soon as you get outside the Dreamforce epicenter—and lucky for you, San Francisco has plenty to offer. Grab a few people for dinner in Hayes Valley, the Mission, the Marina, or Russian Hill. It will be a nice break, and often these more casual get-togethers are the best networking opportunities.

You’re going to have a great time at Dreamforce, and while you should certainly listen to some of the more common tips — Wear comfortable shoes! Drink water! Get in line early for the keynote! — the most important thing is to do what YOU want to do, relax, and take it all in. 

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