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4 reasons you can’t miss Sage Summit

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4 reasons you can’t miss Sage Summit

When you hear the word “summit,” what comes to mind? Maybe a determined climber slogging through less-than-ideal conditions, headed to the top of a mountain? Maybe your mind jumps right to the incredible views from the top.

As a business owner or executive, in many ways, you are that climber. You and your team are headed for those incredible views. You just need the right equipment and support to get there.

That’s where Sage Summit comes in—it’s a business conference that provides thought leadership, inspiration and innovation for businesses like yours. Whether you’re a startup, a growing business, or at the enterprise level, you’ll benefit from these four opportunities for information and expertise to take you to the top.

  1. Learn from the best. Sage Summit features a lineup of speakers ready to inspire you to conquer your business challenges—mostly because they’ve been there themselves. George Foreman, who had historic success in the boxing ring, later discovered a talent for salesmanship and business. He’s made millions off his appearances in infomercials marketing his George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine, selling more than 100 million units worldwide. He’s since launched several more lines of his own: from environmentally safe cleaning products to prescription shoes for diabetics.  When it comes to overcoming business growth challenges, George is your guy. Other speakers include small business expert Susan Solovic and strategic coach Gene Hammett.
  2. Dig deep into any business topic. Worried about correctly balancing your books? Or do you have the financials locked down, but you’re baffled by social media? Maybe you’re firing on all cylinders, but you just know you can do more, push farther, with some fresh perspective. Whatever your business needs are today, Sage Summit has a huge catalog of breakout sessions to address them. You can even use the Agenda Builder to create a personalized schedule and plan your days at the conference.
  3. Meet new business peers. Of course, at Sage Summit, you won’t be the only one ready to learn and grow—not by a long shot. On May 9, the events will be filled with accountants and Sage partners. May 10 and 11 are open to attendees from any and every business arena. That means from start to finish, you’ll have incredible opportunities to meet new friends, mentors and more. Come ready to ask about their passions and their challenges, and tuck them away for future reference on your own business journey.
  4. Get to know Sage better. All of us at Sage are energetic and passionate about helping you and your business succeed. That means we want to get to know you better—and we want you to know us! Hear from our CEO Stephen Kelly, our EVP and managing director Connie Certusi, our EVP of product management Nick Goode, and our EVP of Partners, Accountants & Alliances Jennifer Warawa. You’ll feel Sage’s culture first hand from our leaders—and you’ll know that they’re all cheering you on as you head toward the summit.

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Sage Summit US brings Sage customers, partners, and accountants from around the country together for multiple days of deeper learning, product training, thought leadership, and networking to help your business thrive.

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