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5 reasons why being a mentor makes you a better leader

Working as VP of Product Marketing for Sage HCM portfolio, I spend a lot of my working and personal life researching, reading up on and talking about the latest trends in people management, and future gazing about what the forthcoming years have in store for us. In this series of blogs I would like to share my thoughts on how we can make the best of ‘now’ and we can protect ourselves from whatever the future holds for people managers and HR teams alike.

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You’ve risen through the ranks and you’re now a successful business leader. Along your journey you’ve learnt invaluable skills from others experiences. So, now you’re at the top, why don’t you become a mentor? It may seem counterintuitive to some – after all, it’s great for the mentee but what’s in in for the mentor? As it turns out – an awful lot.

Here’s five reasons why mentoring can make you, and your business, more successful…

Historically, the food chain was only vertical. But in today’s workplace, lateral and grass roots input is essential to grow your business. Can you afford to miss the value from putting mentoring activities in place?