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We all live, and do business, in a digital world – and today most of us go online and research the products we want, their prices and features, before we think about buying anything. What most of us want, but rarely find, is a single go-to-place that provides all the reliable information and advice we need.

Until now, Sage’s digital experiences have been split across products, communities, blogs,  support, education, partners and many more.  As a result, we know people are often unable to find the information they need.  Our vision is to bring all of that together in one place, here on

Designed specifically for business builders, partners and accountants, is a fully mobile-first destination with new and comprehensive content for you at every stage of your business journey, including regularly refreshed business advice here on our relaunched Sage Advice blog, which will bring you the best business stories in the world and great customer stories from business builders like you, who are willing to share their experiences and learnings.

We’ve created several journeys to find the information that suits you, from business size (small to enterprise), a range of industries we serve, categories of solutions like Accounting, Payroll and People, but still kept it easy to go straight to log on to a product you use, or learn more about a new one, or to get straight to support and training.

We have also integrated browse and buy into to enable you to have a single journey to find the Sage solution you want, plus we’ve refreshed the product on-boarding experience for our products, to make it easier to get started and get value.

We’ve based all this work upon hundreds of customer interviews and detailed user testing, to make sure that everything has been built around you, our customers.  Over time we’ll bring together all the support, training and product access here for you to access from one location that’s easy to navigate.  The result is a that in future will learn your interests and preferences, to provide you with the most relevant information and services.

We realize that our customers expect us to know them, and to understand your individual needs, and that’s why we have redesigned to create a digital experience that we hope business builders will love and want to share.  We have many plans to enhance it from here, with more personalization and integrated advice.

So, welcome to our new digital home, please look around, we’d love to hear your feedback on the site (see the feedback link on the right) or right here in this blog post.

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