A new way to kick your construction data analysis into high gear

Published · 1 min read

Why is it that no matter how many tools you own, you never have the exact one you need when you start tackling a home or car project?

I tend to think of data analysis in the same way. No matter how many standard reports are available, I –or my boss—always want to analyze it yet another way. Unfortunately, getting that new view of the data isn’t always easy. Often the data has to be copied and pasted into Excel spreadsheets. And then there is the adjusting and rechecking of formulas. Who has time for that?

Recently released, Sage 100 Contractor Intelligence Reporting makes the process of analyzing and customizing your data much easier. With this reporting tool, you can quickly pull real-time data from Sage 100 Contractor software into preformatted Excel report templates. You can use the templates as is, customize them, or create your own financial or operation reports from scratch.

For construction and service contractors this goes a long way towards getting your team the information needed to make better decisions–from evaluating indirect cost allocations to understanding which projects are performing better than others.

Sage 100 Contractor Intelligence Reporting works within a secure environment so that each team member can view only the reports they are authorized to see.  You can also set up the reports so they are distributed automatically to specified individuals.

Are you getting the reporting information you need? Perhaps you just need the right tool.

Want to learn more about Sage 100 Contractor Intelligence Reporting? Read how it can benefit your business.

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