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Are your construction documents getting the best of you?

There’s no getting around it: construction is paperwork intensive. Studies indicate, for example, that a $100M contractor spends approximately 2,000 hours a year on RFIs alone! Not surprising, inefficiencies abound that can lengthen schedules, increase risk, and raise cost on a project. Just consider a few eye-opening stats released by the Navigant Construction Forum in their recent report “Impact and Control of RFIs on construction projects“:

And RFIs are only one type of document you have to deal with. When you add drawings, specs, permits, submittals, and other docs that pass between you and others on the building team, a diagram of your paper-pushing process could resemble a messy plate of spaghetti!

It doesn’t have to be that way. Today’s technology is making it much easier for you to share and respond to documents. To learn more, check out this infographic to see the difference between traditional construction document management and a more streamlined, collaborative approach.

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