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Beyond busy? It may be time for a virtual assistant

As an entrepreneur, you know more than most people what it’s like to be busy – you’re not only busy, you’re “beyond busy.” It’s that frantic state that you get into when there’s not only too much on your plate, but you’ve run out of plates.

You can’t do business like this forever — you put yourself in danger of becoming burnt out. How do you retreat from being “beyond busy”?

Think virtual assistant!

Virtual assistants work remotely, and, depending on which virtual assistant service you go through, can do almost anything for you, including administrative tasks and other chores that eat up your time.

Hire the right help.

While you could hire a new team member to become your assistant, choosing a virtual assistant over a permanent employee has a few big advantages:

While virtual assistant services are popular, you may want to look into working with a private virtual assistant. These individuals usually charge by the hour, and many have specific skill sets. For example, you could hire one with amazing research skills who can investigate patents or help you stay compliant when you make big changes for your business.

Start with a small selection of tasks.

What if you’re hesitant about trusting administrative tasks to someone you’ve never met? Start small, perhaps by offloading some small items such as:

What more can a virtual assistant tackle?

A virtual assistant can do more than take care of the basics. Some tasks that you might ask one to do include:

You’re busy, and your schedule isn’t about to lighten up as you work to give your business every possible advantage. Some extra help might be just what you need to go from “beyond busy” back to a normal level of busy-ness.