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Bringing construction collaboration to the table

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Bringing construction collaboration to the table

Are contractors, in general, embracing collaboration? One could say “yes” and “no.” The construction industry, as a whole, doesn’t have to be sold on the benefits of working more closely together. In fact, I see many contractors promoting how they’re own collaborative efforts make it possible for them to deliver a higher-quality project in less time. These contractors are making progress on the collaboration front.

Still, true collaboration goes against the tide of complex and traditionally us-versus-them construction practices. Common hurdles for many contractors include:

  • Non-collaborative company cultures
  • More pressing issues that take precedent over collaboration efforts
  • Not knowing where to start

In short, it’s no cake walk, but collaboration is possible and the rewards high for contractors who make it work at any level.

Two key components to achieving construction collaboration are trust and technology. Trust is the hard part. Conflicting interest, legal liability, and risk shifting naturally set up adversarial relationships between members of the building team. Yet a new element of cooperation is taking hold.

As for technology? It too is advancing to help break down the communication barriers that have plagued the construction process. The cloud, in particular, is making this possible by allowing members of the building team to more easily share and collaborate online.

Many contractors I’ve spoken with are determined to move forward with their collaboration efforts despite the challenges. It will be exciting to see what they can accomplish.

Interested in how technology can help your construction company improve collaboration. Visit the new Sage Construction Project Center web page.

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