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Is your business getting SMACed?

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Is your business getting SMACed?

If not, you might feel the hit.

The continuing dominance of social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC) technologies is changing the face of business. Organizations are looking for simpler, more agile, and modular software platforms to facilitate their growth. In fact, 64% of companies surveyed in 2015 stated that their IT spend will increase as compared to the previous year – with more than 25% of that spend on innovation — newer technologies such as cloud, mobility and analytics.


A workforce reared on mobile apps and social media platforms expects a different interface than traditional ERP applications typically offer. Today’s employees demand business software that is easy to use, accessible everywhere, and built for collaboration. We expect our business software interfaces to be as attractive and intuitive as those of social media apps – and to support easy and instant collaboration with the social media tools we interact with.


By the end of 2016, there will be around 10 billion mobile devices in the world. Smart devices and wearable computers are joining PCs and mobile devices in the connected workplace. With our technology traveling everywhere we travel, we’ve come to expect that we can get our work done and access needed data from any Internet-connected device.


With literally billions of devices and users on the Internet, enterprises have access to more data than ever before to drive better decision making. We can use this data to better understand consumer behavior, perform financial investigations, carry out predictive maintenance, and drive sales – if we have the tools to sort and present this enormous volume of data.


The cloud is fast becoming the preferred method for users to access the latest technology without making huge infrastructure investments, purchasing expensive software licenses, or managing complex implementation cycles. With software delivered as a low and predictable operating expense rather than a capital expenditure, the cloud drives innovation in businesses, delivers scalability for growth, and lowers the barriers to access modern business solutions.

Embracing SMAC

The wide acceptance of SMAC means that software providers need to offer enticing collaborative interfaces that are accessible anywhere – in other words, that are social and mobile. They also need to use big data analytics to deliver relevant experiences and drive better business decision making. What’s more, they must be able to deliver a robust, powerful computing infrastructure at an affordable cost through the cloud.