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Celebrating women’s role in construction

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This week (March 6-12) is National Women in Construction (WIC) Week.

According to the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC),”the focus of WIC week is to highlight women as a visible component of the construction industry.”

In 2015, 9.3% of the construction workforce were women.2 Today, there are many opportunities for women in the trades. With the labor shortage in construction, many believe that millennial women could be the answer to this problem. “Women are socially programmed to be networkers and to make a difference in the world; they want their work to be meaningful and have a social impact,” said Carrie Sturts Dossick, an associate professor in construction management at the University of Washington. 1

There are a lot of inspiring women in construction that we can look to as role models. Women are bringing their special skills to the job site as well as holding executive positions in top construction companies. I think it’s great that these women weren’t afraid to go after their dream and do what they love.

Coinciding with National Women in Construction Week is International Women’s Day on Tuesday, March 8. This year’s theme is #PledgeForParity. Each one of us can pledge to take steps to help women and girls achieve their dreams and ambitions, both in construction and other industries. Whether in the work place, at home, or in the community, you can be the mentor these women need.



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