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Checklist: How to prepare for Small Business Saturday

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Small Business Saturday Tips

Small Business Saturday is just a few weeks away. Are you ready?

Small Business Saturday is November 25th and is one of the biggest opportunities of the year to bring in new customers. In 2016, 112 million consumers reportedly spent 15.4 billion dollars at small businesses and restaurants across the country on this day alone. The National Retail Federation estimates 2017 holiday sales will increase 4% November-December, for a total of $682 billion.

Make sure your business is fully prepared to capture a share of the wallet on this important day of the year.

Craft a special offer.

The basic message of Small Business Saturday is that consumers should support small, local businesses. But the campaign will only get customers to your door—it won’t make them shop. By creating a special offer, like a one-day sale or time-bound coupon, you can encourage customers to purchase now and then come back for the holidays and into the future.

Reach out to your loyal customers.

You should already have an email marketing list in place—but if not, now is the time to start! Developing an email list of your loyal customers is the best way to send out special information and materials related to your business—including Small Business Saturday! Send out a personal message to top customers and invite them to check out this year’s special offer, or promote to your fans on social media directly.

Get connected on social media.

Speaking of social media, use your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to let people know you’re participating in Small Business Saturday and if you have a special offer. Consider using a promotional code that’s only available on social media so you can track your incoming sales from that channel and make strategic decisions on where to focus your marketing efforts in the long term.

Figure out who’s participating in your area.

Visit the official Small Business Saturday website to learn more about the event, and use the Zip Code/SMB finder to locate participating businesses in your area. It’s a great opportunity to meet other like-minded business owners and grow a network that can be used for referrals throughout the year in your community. Building these relationships can also help you become a neighborhood champion of the event and promote it (and other businesses) to your local customers.

Think about the big picture.

Small Business Saturday happens at the start of the busy holiday shopping season—so why not make it part of your overall marketing plan for the quarter? You can use the day to either sell a special offer or to increase general awareness about your business which can carry through to more holiday sales in general.

Celebrate being small!

Small Business Saturday is about celebrating what makes you unique! Small businesses drive the economy. Share your passion, lessons you’ve learned as a small business owner and why you love what you do. At the end, let your audience know about your brand and products—but focus on celebrating being small!

Follow these steps and you’ll be prepped and ready to take advantage of Small Business Saturday!

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