How the cloud can give your mid-sized enterprise the flexibility to grow

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Medium-sized businesses that are experiencing rapid growth can use cloud-based business management solutions to impose process discipline without restricting their flexibility.

That’s according to Keith Fenner, vice president of Sales at Sage AAMEA, who says that the shift towards the cloud empowers mid-sized organizations to thrive without needing to spend more money on hiring IT staff or building out an IT infrastructure.

What’s more, a robust cloud-based business management solution can be deployed rapidly, can be tailored to the needs of the business, and does not lock companies into technology they cannot easily replace or change, adds Fenner.

“As a small business grows into a mid-sized enterprise, or mid-sized enterprise grows into a large one, it will find that it needs to streamline business processes, take control of productivity, and gain more visibility into operations,”
says Fenner.

“In the past, it would need to address these challenges by implementing a monolithic ERP system in a long, expensive project. Now, cloud-based solutions help enterprises to grow and run a lean, agile business without the high upfront costs, protracted implementation cycles, or complex business process re-engineering.”

A 2014 Deloitte report, commissioned by Google, found that small and medium businesses using cloud technology to overcome their growth challenges grow 26% faster and deliver 21% higher gross profits. Some 85% believe the cloud enables their business to scale and grow faster. Whatever the size or specialty, companies across Africa are under pressure to grow revenues, reduce costs and increase profitability, says Fenner.

Struggling with legacy systems and manual processes, they lack the business insights, streamlined business processes, and supply chain integration that will allow them to accelerate growth while reducing their cost basis.

In response to their needs for more flexible solutions, we are seeing the rise of a new era of cloud-enabled business management solutions that are leaner, more focused, and more agile than the ERP systems of the past, adds Fenner. The Sage Enterprise Management platform is one example, adapting to companies’ evolving needs and IT strategies.

Customers have the flexibility to deploy Sage Enterprise Management on the infrastructure of their choice: in the cloud, on their own server, or in an environment hosted by Sage certified partners – all with identical functionality and universal web and mobile access to their business management resources.

“Losing visibility and control of their process is a common concern for many business leaders as their company grows,” says Fenner. “Sage Enterprise Management is a powerful, cohesive solution that empowers businesses to effectively manage business processes and control performance across all areas of their enterprise.”

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