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Construction survey helps you benchmark your financials

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Construction survey helps you benchmark your financials

View your company financials with internal eyes only.

Ignore industry best practices.

Don’t do external benchmarking.

These are all sure-fire ways to stifle continuous improvement for your construction company. Benchmarking, on the other hand, lets you compare your business to your peers, inspiring ideas for improvement and sharpening your company’s competitive edge. That’s especially important when it comes to your company financials.

Want a way to see how your company stacks up to best-in-class construction firms when it comes to compensation, profitability, efficiency ratios, and other useful benchmarks? The Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) Financial Benchmarker Report offers side-by-side comparisons of your financials versus industry benchmarks.

The Benchmarker Report is based on a confidential survey conducted each year. If you’re interested in getting a realistic view of your construction company’s performance, the 2017 survey is currently available until May 12, 2017.  The survey takes only 30 minutes to complete and in return you get:

To participate in the survey, log in or register on the CFMA Financial Benchmarker site. All the data you submit is kept strictly confidential and is made available only in aggregated form on CFMA websites. In addition to the four reports you get when you participate in the survey, CFMA Benchmarker information is also available year-round by subscription or a pay-by-report basis.

Still have questions about the survey? Contact CFMA by email at [email protected]. Let the benchmarking begin!

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