Content by example: three ways contractors are telling their story

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Last week, I wrote about how content such as informative blog posts, website copy, newsletters, and other non-salesy material is a great way to get the word out about your company’s construction expertise. In that post, I provided some tips on how to make good content a part of your communication efforts.

Many contractors are already effectively using content by providing insightful information that shows the knowledge of their team and sets them apart as experts in the construction industry. I often run across examples of this content in social media and during my own research to keep up on what’s happening in the construction industry. Here are a few samples of what I consider to be great content that both informs readers and differentiates these companies:

  • Better building with technology: The Rudolph and Sletten BuildingTech Insider blog covers technology in construction. I first came across the blog while searching for information on how to reduce construction project costs with 5D BIM. Up popped one of the company’s excellent posts, “Reaching target project costs with 5D BIM estimating.” The piece describes how Rudolph and Sletten is successfully using 5D model-based cost estimating to provide feedback on cost saving strategies and cost predictability.
  • A new twist on project facts: The numbers that go into a big project like the light rail line between Culver City and Santa Monica in California can be mind boggling. To illustrate the “big numbers” that went into the project, Skanska put together an engaging infographic that provides a bit of everyday perspective to readers. Did you know, for example, that 52,755 cubic yards of concrete is equivalent to 10,655,140 gallons of milk! Check out the infographic to learn more fun facts and read this other  related post about “Building what matters.”
  • Business focus in motion: Northwest builder Hammer & Hand illustrates its expertise in sustainable building through a series of videos on passive house construction—a company focus. The videos cover every aspect of passive home building, from a discussion of fabrication and installation of a passive house door to a customer interview describing what it’s like to live in a passive home.

What I like most about all three of these content pieces is they each tell an interesting story, in different ways, that leaves the reader ultimately with a better understanding of the company and its approach to projects. To me, that is what good content is all about.

If you haven’t yet explored using content to show off your construction expertise, read my previous blog for a few tips.

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