Controlling construction’s bid management tsunami

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It doesn’t matter what delivery method you use– hard bid, negotiated, design-build, integrated project delivery — at  some point, you’re going to have to manage a whole lot of subcontractor and material supplier bids to nail down your best costs. The administrative tsunami that ensues would make the toughest turn and run for the hills.

If you’re a bid manager or estimator, you know what I mean. Among other duties, your days are crammed with managing bidder lists, keeping track of seemingly endless preconstruction changes, and staying ahead of volumes of back and forth communication with subs and suppliers.

Understandably many contractors are looking for ways to simplify the highly administrative aspects of the invitation to bid and request for proposal processes. Today’s newest technology is making that possible through more collaborative solutions.  With online, cloud-based bid management software, you can now:

  • Create an electronic bidder list.
  • Give subcontractors and vendors a central location to access bid package information so they have everything they need to quickly submit their bids.
  • Immediately notify everyone preparing bids whenever scope or specifications changes are made during preconstruction.
  • Electronically keep track of all bids coming in, including dates, time, and different versions (no more inefficient paper).
  • Reduce risk by monitoring items like subcontractor certifications and qualifications.
  • Turn bids into subcontracts for project management and job cost tracking.

With greater efficiencies and more collaboration with your subs and suppliers, you can achieve a higher response rate from bidders. Estimators and bid managers also have more time to spend on vendor and subcontractor prequalification, selection, and negotiating the best terms.

No more bid management tsunami. Just a manageable storm.

Interested in automating your invitation to bid and request for proposal processes? Check out Sage Bid Management.

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