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Does your marketing include a customer satisfaction plan?

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Does your marketing include a customer satisfaction plan?

It’s well known that it can cost at least four times more to acquire a new customer than to it does to resell your service to an existing customer. Repeat business from current clients is golden and a practice that can lead to greater profits. Current customers are also a wonderful source of new business through those valuable word-of-mouth referrals.

So it makes sense that taking good care of your current clients could be your best marketing investment. That all starts with a focus on what will help you rise above the rest in your client’s mind. Here are just a few ideas to get your brainstorming started.

Promise 100 percent, deliver 110 percent

The surest way to satisfy customers is to supply a little extra on each project—whether that’s a free design consultation, delivery of as-built information, or other service. Build in a few extras into every project to surprise and delight your customers.

Make sure clients appreciate the quality of your work

Customers won’t value quality, or willingly pay for it, if they don’t know it exists. Much of the quality you build into every projects are hidden from your clients; your job is to reveal it. Show your customers around the job site and point out how you’re delivering a quality project. Even simply meeting local building codes requirements is an opportunity to inform clients about the important safety features built into their projects. Remember to sell quality, not price, throughout the job.

Impress customers with professional documents

Be sure to provide clients with professional schedules, change orders, and billing documents. Explain in detail early on how they will get bills and schedule updates throughout the job. This establishes a high level of confidence in your clients and sets the right expectations to avoid future miscommunications and conflicts.

Enlist your current customers to find new ones

The best way to get referral business is to ask for it! When your job is complete, ask your clients to spread the word among friends and associates and hand them a stack of your business cards and brochures. Your happy customers will sell you to their friends and associates if you give them the opportunity and the tools to do so.

Stay in touch

Staying in touch with former customers is key. In addition to connecting through the mail and email, try this: Pay a personal visit to the project three months, six months, and one year after the date of completion; use this opportunity to re-establish a friendly relationship and fix any problems that may have developed.

Hands down, your customers are your strongest marketing asset. Finding ways to improve your relationship with them is well worth the time and money.

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