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5-Question Quiz: Find the solution to your small business challenges

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“I really want to control my spending and understand my cash flow.” That’s Frank DiLusso’s vision for his hair styling business. Right now Frank does the best he can to keep up with receipts in his accordion folder, which admittedly gets pretty cluttered after all his errands for hair products and client appointments in different locations. He’d rather have some way to put all that business information on his phone—receipts, appointment reminders, everything. A better system would give him more time to grow his business and increase his clientele.

But here’s the catch: he doesn’t want to get tangled up in any complicated software that will create more issues than it fixes.

Does Frank’s situation sound familiar? Are you facing some of the same challenges in your business? Take this quiz to discover the solution to Frank’s business problems—and yours too!

When I describe my business to people, I usually describe it as…
A: A small business, or even just a side hustle
B: A growing startup

My level of bookkeeping knowledge is…
A: Well, I know enough to keep my checks from bouncing
B: I have a good grasp of bookkeeping and accounting

Right now, I keep track of my expenses by…
A: An Excel spreadsheet, or just typing it up from receipts at the end of the month
B: An accounting software like QuickBooks or a Sage product

True or false: I wish I had more time to run my business.
A: True! (Isn’t it true for everyone?!)
B: False. I have enough employees that I’m free to spend time on growing the business.

A day at my business usually includes…
A: Client appointments and events—it’s not really the typical office job
B: Meetings with my team and business partners to optimize and grow our business

If you answered…
Mostly A’s
The solution you need is called Sage Business Cloud. It’s a basic income and expense tracking software that makes it super simple to see your business’s financial situation and always be ready for tax time. Sage Business Cloud shows you exactly how much money you’ve made and how much you’ve spent—and you don’t have to know anything about bookkeeping to use it. It even comes with a mobile app called Sage Expenses, so you (and Frank!) can easily update it when you get paid instead of carrying around a folder of receipts.

Mostly B’s
You’re well on your way to a bustling business—you should check out Sage Business Cloud. In addition to the expense tracking, Sage Business Cloud also offers invoicing, cash flow management, business insights and more. Learn more about offerings here. 

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