Five ways to impress your service customers

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If you are a contractor that dispatches service technicians, you know happy customers are the driving force behind a strong recurring revenue stream. Many times, however, business inefficiencies can keep you from providing the level of service your customers expect. Manual processes and lack of information are often to blame.

Here are five ways to use today’s service management software technology to improve your services and impress customers:

  1. Provide service quickly. Whether it’s a plumbing problem or an air conditioning unit that won’t kick in, your customers want the problem fixed right away so they can get on with their personal or work lives. The faster you can get a technician on-site, the better.  Providing your service managers with dispatch boards to quickly view schedules and skill sets will assure a qualified worker is on the job pronto.
  1. Send informed technicians. I’m speaking from personal experience here. When an HVAC technician showed up at my door and checked his iPhone for the equipment’s service history, I was confident he knew what he was doing. Mobile devices are a key part of your field team’s tool kit these days. By giving your technicians mobile access to site history, equipment details, work orders, and other key information, they can complete the job more quickly and effectively, and also leave a good impression with your customers.
  1. Get the job done on the first call. No one likes service calls to drag out. Unfortunately, too many jobs come to a halt while technicians wait to get needed parts and tools. To address this, give your technicians the ability to create purchase orders (within company guidelines) from the field so they can get the parts to complete the job.
  1. Make payment effortless. Using mobile devices, enable your technicians to capture customer signatures when work is completed, take payment, and email receipts from the job site. It’s also a great way to improve your cash flow.
  1. Empower your customers. We are a self-service society, from do-it-yourself grocery checkouts to on-line banking. So why not give your customers the control to look up their own account information, schedule a service call, or pay their bills online.

Your customer have a lot of choices of who they do business with. Delivering on-time, quality service is one way to increase their customer satisfaction and generate recommendations that can lead to new business.

Looking for ways to improve your service processes? Sage Service Operations is a cloud-based service management solution that integrates with Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate. For more information, read the white paper.

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