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Greenstreak Landscaping: The art of running a business

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I challenge anyone to browse through Greenstreak Landscaping’s project portfolio and not be inspired. And no wonder. Since the company was founded in 1989 by owner Pete Gluhaich, it has won more than 70 regional, state, and national awards for its work.

From flagstone paths to outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and fountains, the company knows how to create artistic and functional outdoor spaces. But the managers at Greenstreak Landscaping also know there is an art to running a company and they do that just as well.

Greenstreak Landscaping moved to a construction-specific accounting and project management software system nearly two decades ago to manage all phases of its projects and accounting. That includes project proposals, job cost tracking, invoicing, payables and receivables, payroll, and monitoring overall financials.

Linda Comin, office manager at Greenstreak Landscaping recently described just one aspect of how they have automated their operation. “We set up hundreds of different assemblies to speed and simplify our proposal process,” she explains. “For example, a five-gallon plant is set up as an assembly, with the components being the plant itself, the soil amendments, and the labor involved in planting it. We simply add the assembly to the proposal instead of each individual cost, which saves us a lot of time and ensures we don’t forget something.”

Recently the company also integrated its accounting software with a payment system. “The time to process each credit card transaction has dropped from ten minutes to 30 seconds,” says Comin about the results they’ve seen. That adds up to significant time savings when considering that fully half of the company’s invoices are paid by credit card.

Whether it’s beautiful landscapes, accurate proposals, or streamlined processes, you can see how Greenstreak Landscaping has running its business down to a fine art.

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