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Grow on the go with workplace mobility

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We are not promoting that workers be on call 24/7. In fact, encouraging an appropriate work-life balance is not only the right thing to do – it’s a competitive advantage for employers. That said – a recent survey conducted by CDW reveals that 89 percent of business employees use their personal mobile devices for work and that 67 percent of companies say their companies would lose competitive ground without the use of those mobile devices.

The benefits of mobility in the workplace

What are the specific advantages of mobile technology in the workplace? Mobile applications can enhance user productivity, speed business processes and decision-making, accelerate sales, improve customer engagement, and grow without the growing pains. Here’s how. 

Access data from anywhere

A study conducted by IDG Research Services found that companies with more usable data increase productivity by 10 percent. Usable data is data that is accessible when and where you need it. Usable data comes from mobile solutions.

Obtain timely insight and reporting

When mobile users can update the business management solution in real-time, from wherever they may be working, the quality and usability of your company’s data increase dramatically. From quotes, orders, and invoices to timesheet data, to project task updates, data flows in more quickly, giving you improved insight and reporting capabilities.

Sell more products to more customers

The same IDG study found a direct and significant correlation between mobile technology and increased sales activities:

  • Companies with mobile access to data increase sales of new products by five percent.
  • Companies with mobile access to data sell three percent more to new customers.
  • Successful companies are four times more likely to process orders remotely.

Improve communication and collaboration

Mobile devices allow a connection, enable productivity, efficiencies, and encourage value to our clients and our co-workers. From a quick acknowledgment email that allows a vital workflow to continue, to the creation and presentation of quotes and orders, to the ability to access product pricing and availability data, to the ability to access and share reporting and analytical data, mobility enhances communication and collaboration and leads to improved customer engagement.

Grow your business faster

Companies with a mobile-ready solution can be more responsive to customers, move information more quickly, and reduce operating costs by getting more done in less time. All factors that contribute to growth. In fact, companies with more effective data – data that comes from an integrated, mobile-ready solution, grow 35 percent faster than their counterparts.

To learn more about the positive impact that mobility has on productivity, download our eguide below.

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