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How to declutter your work life this new year

Here we are again. Another year and another round of New Year’s resolutions. For many of us, this is the year to declutter. We want to, once and for all, clean out our closets and get rid of the things we don’t need at home. But why stop there? What about decluttering at work?

After all, the workplace is generally where you have to deal with the most “stuff.” How often are you bogged down with the mundane details of your job and wonder why you didn’t accomplish what you really wanted? For most of you who work in construction, things will naturally be chaotic. But are there ways to control the chaos so you see the best results for your hard work? Many experts say yes. Here’s how:

Unfortunately, only eight percent of us will accomplish our New Year’s resolutions. But there are ways for you to keep your promise to declutter your work life, as well as achieve any other work goal. A recent article on provides “The secrets to keeping your New Year’s resolutions.” While focused more on achieving personal goals, the article’s advice can be easily translated to work:

  1. Break your resolution into smaller goals set throughout the year.
  2. Start every morning by reviewing your goals to keep them front-of-mind.
  3. Learn from people who’ve already achieved your goal.
  4. Create a plan for dealing with setbacks.
  5. Have an accountability partner (most likely your manager) and send regular progress reports.

Here’s to the New Year and getting the most from life, both personally and professionally!

*Twitter, @scedmonds, March 2016