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How to fill your company’s job openings

If your company is like most construction firms, the last time you aggressively recruited employees was 2007. At that time, Apple was just introducing the iPhone, MySpace was the social networking site of choice, and the popular Nintendo Wii game was just invading our living rooms. A lot has changed since then, including how we recruit new employees. Today applicants are much more likely to start their job search online using job boards like, job posting aggregators such as Indeed, networking venues like LinkedIn, and even construction specific social sites such as WorkHands.

The shortage of skilled labor is also impacting the way construction firms attract new employees. What once were standard recruiting practices for your company may no longer be effective. In another post, I covered four ways to use LinkedIn for your construction job recruiting. Here are five more hiring tips to consider:

These days you are competing against all companies, not just other construction firms, for available workers. Using new methods and social tools to proactively reach out to potential employees will be key to attracting the best talent for your business.