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Identity crisis: Redefining yourself and your practice

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Over the last six years, I have had the privilege of building my own bookkeeping firm. Through software training and community-building, I’ve also helped thousands of bookkeepers and accountants around the world build theirs too.

Along the way I have found one constant – how different each one of these bookkeepers and accountants are. From the title they give themselves, to the way they onboard a client, to the workspace they occupy day in and day out, there are no two alike.  One thing most bookkeepers and accountants I connected with had in common was they did not take the time before they started their businesses to plan.  They simply took whatever clients came their way, and adopted whatever workflows those clients already had.  I fell into this trap, too.  However, the most successful ones are those who have clearly identified the model of their firm, their own personal branding, and the clients with which they want to work.

At Accountex USA, I will be discussing how you as bookkeepers and accountants can learn how to define these primary areas within your own firm, whether you haven’t started it yet, or are veterans in the industry.  Taking the time to outline your firm model, your professional identity, and the characteristics of your ideal client will make you more efficient and more profitable by not working outside of those predetermined lines.

I will break this down with a few key questions:

  • How do you choose a (re)model for your firm?
  • How do you create your professional identity?
  • How does having a clearly defined firm model and professional identity benefit your clients?

Much of what I learned from building my own bookkeeping firm was what not to do.  Some of the lessons I learned from other bookkeepers and accountants came a little too late for me and   I’ve stepped in some pretty big potholes along my journey. I will help you navigate a few of those, so you don’t have to. In less than an hour, you can be well on your way to a more efficient and successful firm and with a much better sense of your own professional identity.

For an in-depth lesson on how to redefine yourself and your firm, follow me on Twitter during my session at Accountex 2017, September 6th-8th.

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