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How neighborly is your construction project?

“Unless you’re building in the middle of the desert or an uninhabited island, sooner or later you’re going to engage with people surrounding your project.”

Those words from Michael Hastings kicked off the recent Sage-sponsored ENR webcast, “Keeping your project’s public face clean: Community outreach and construction impact mitigation.” Hastings, president of M.D. Hastings Risk Consulting, was one of four speakers who shared their insights during the informative online event.

Be a good neighbor

While Hastings admitted that contractors can’t plan for every contingency, he stressed the importance of setting the stage for a relationship with project “neighbors” that maintains harmony.

“It’s never too soon to reach out to your neighbors,” he said. Hastings recommended contractors introduce the surrounding community to one company contact person or team. But it shouldn’t stop there. It’s also important to give those in charge of public interaction the authority to act, he said.

What makes a good neighbor? Hastings, who has been involved with insurance placement on many construction projects, offered contractors these community relationship tips:

The webinar was also packed with other helpful advice from communication and public information professionals Theresa McClure of HDR, Kathleen Fuller with the Ohio Department of Transportation – District 9, and Erica Wiley of the Portsmouth Gateway Group.  You can hear more from Hastings and the other speakers by listening to the entire webcast online.

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