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I’m always on the lookout for information I think construction companies will find useful. So, when I heard about this new resource called the Construction Lawyers Alliance, I was intrigued. The alliance is a nationwide network of construction lawyers that has created one unified source of information covering construction legal trends, developments, and solutions.

When I checked out the Construction Lawyers Alliance website, I really liked how easy it was to use. Readers can type in a topic they’re interested in, such as “recent legislation,” and up pops a list of articles written by individual lawyers and law firms from across the country. There is also a handy map of the U.S. so you can dive right into articles most relevant to construction law in your state of operation.

Topics covered on the site run the gamut. There are commentaries and clarifications on legislation, stories of construction-specific court cases and rulings, and tips on anything from contract negotiations to protecting your lien rights.

The alliance was founded by Florida construction attorney Alex Barthet. You may recognize his name as a regular contributor to this Sage Construction and Real Estate blog. Barthet started his own blog, The Lien Zone, several years ago to help Florida construction firms find answers to their construction law questions. “We publish a lot of content, much of it specific to Florida law, and I wondered if other law firms were doing the same in other states,” says Barthet.

Basically, the alliance website includes articles already published on participating lawyers’ blogs. “Our goal is to compile the best online construction legal content from across the U.S.,” explains Barthet. Currently lawyers from 19 states are participating in the alliance and the website boasts more than 600 articles.

“The site is still a work in progress,” Barthet adds. Over time he expects to have legal content coming from lawyers in all 50 states. “We’re looking for construction lawyers who are committed to sharing solutions while also building relationships.”

For construction firms looking for a quick way to stay up on legal matters, the Construction Lawyers Alliance is worth checking out. You can learn more by visiting the Construction Lawyers Alliance website.

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