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One way to improve subcontractor relationships

Retaining reliable subcontractors is worth its weight in gold these day. There are many ways to assure you are given priority on a sub’s list of projects. But I’d wager top in importance is how quickly you pay them.

Easier said than done . . .right? What about those invoices that take days to track down, lengthy approval chains, and other complications that come with a paper-intensive payment process?

In past posts, we’ve talked about the paper chase many contractors face, especially when it comes to handling invoices from subs and suppliers. Many contractors are addressing this challenge with document management software that helps them:

The result is faster, more accurate payment of both subs and supplier.

To help you get a better idea of how document management software can speed up your payment process and better manage all the paper in your office, we’ve put together a new test drive of our Sage Paperless Construction software. Why not take it for spin?

Get the test drive.