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How remote working can translate into close co-operation

Working as VP of Product Marketing for Sage HCM portfolio, I spend a lot of my working and personal life researching, reading up on and talking about the latest trends in people management, and future gazing about what the forthcoming years have in store for us. In this series of blogs I would like to share my thoughts on how we can make the best of ‘now’ and we can protect ourselves from whatever the future holds for people managers and HR teams alike.

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“Working from home today, on mobile/email if you need me.”

These few words, and others matching the sentiment, are increasingly common in the workplace. Thanks to technology, our professional and personal lives are becoming ever more mobile. This is not only changing the way we work, but how and where we work.

Irrespective of industry, giving your employees a sense of work/life balance is crucial to keeping morale high and retaining the best talent. If your staff are happy chances are they will be more efficient and give more productive hours to your business. In today’s office-based, email-centric industries there’s often no reason why employees shouldn’t be afforded this flexibility.

Attracting the right talent

Remote working is a crucial factor in attracting the best talent from the next generation, who have grown up expecting a less regimented style of working supported by connected technology. Clearly the 9-5 office day isn’t a ‘one size fits all’, as such businesses ought to take different approaches to working seriously, or risk being left behind by the competition.

It also means you can be far more flexible in the hiring process by attracting the best talent who may live a significant distance from the place of work, or even across borders. They may have never considered working for your company previously, but given the opportunity to work remotely from home or by coming in for a few days a week means they can still fulfil their role. I frequently travel a lot between France and the UK and find myself more efficient and focussed when working remotely.

Motivate your workforce

In this sense, remote working practices become a new way to manage and motivate your workforce.

It can also become a way to concentrate your economic activities and reduce your business expenses. Maybe you don’t need everyone in the office at the same time. Why not hire an office space half the size and cut your rent and overheads? Similarly, remote working gives you more capabilities to expand your business since your footprint is not based solely on where you have a physical office presence.

Act local play global

Remote working allows you to act local, but play global. It can help your business be more agile and flexible to change whilst boosting staff satisfaction and improving efficiency in the process. It’s no longer a question of if, but when, remote working will become the norm. Be sure to offer it your employees before they demand it…