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Mentoring: One + One = Smart

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Mentoring: One + One = Smart

Hungry for guidance—and maybe even a few magic tricks—many entrepreneurs gravitate to webinars and business books for advice. It’s not a bad learning strategy, but it’s also not a complete one. Many business books, even the most exalted ones, can start to sound alike and blur together. And even the best written, tightly edited books are often padded with a bit of repetitive information highlighted with a few memorable sound bites.

Webinars can be even less meaty, when you factor in technical difficulties and the inevitable sales pitches. So when you “run the numbers” and consider how many hours we spend paging through business books or squinting at webinar slides…the actual, tactical takeaways seem few and far between.

What’s more—the advice doled out in these formats is often very generalized. Business gurus want to appeal to the largest group possible, so the content in their books and presentations is universal by design. This is great for the author’s bottom line, not so great for yours. If you sell bicycle parts online, you don’t want advice that applies to, say, a plumbing company. Or a bookstore.

No, the best (only?) way to guarantee you’re getting the most insightful, customized advice for you and your business is to talk to someone. Someone who has experience building a business and who can help you avoid the pitfalls and grab exactly the right rungs up the ladder.  Limiting your advice-seeking to books and group webinars is like only getting medical advice from the Internet vs. sitting down face to face with a doctor. How can someone truly help you when they haven’t had a chance to hear specifically from you, about you and the very unique needs of your business?

This is where mentoring is absolutely key. A 30-minute interactive Q&A with a mentor can solve problems, energize you and pinpoint your blockers in ways that reading dozens of “7 Habits” books never will.

We believe so much in mentoring that this week, at Sage Summit, we are providing you an entire “Mentor Neighborhood.” Almost 30 different mentors, available for one-on-one meetings, just waiting to meet with you. To help you! To troubleshoot your business and give you customized, experienced, impassioned advice.

So just who are the people in this neighborhood? (First and last time you’ll hear that joke, promise.)

The comprehensive list of mentors and their detailed bios can be found here. Here’s a quick snapshot of the varied experience and talent available in this mentor pool:

–A commercial underwriter who specializes in Wealth Management
–An experienced business coach who also authored the book “Why YOU SUCK at Network Marketing”
–The President and CEO of Vanile, which makes “the best French-style macaroons and croissants in Chicago.”
–An ex-Marine and burn victim turned empowerment expert who teaches people to overcome life’s challenges
–A happiness catalyst who “wakes up people’s souls”
–A legal expert who guides startups to easy-to-use resources

And this is just a small sample!

So come to the neighborhood, meet these experienced business leaders and take advantage of Mentor Hours! Stop right now and locate the Mentor Neighborhood on your map and then plan to come by and sign up for your own mentor session!


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