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Sage Summit Atlanta 2017: Day 1 Recap

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It’s Sage Summit in Atlanta!

After months of anticipation, Sage Summit Atlanta 2017 kicked off today loaded with energy, innovation, and insight. Today was geared toward partners and accountants, with a special techy twist we call BOTlanta. Here’s a recap of today’s events:

Keynote welcome – CEO Stephen Kelly and Managing Director Nancy Harris welcomed the audience by sharing how our renewed focus on strategic partnerships and technology is the driving force of Sage’s future. Stephen announced the return of Sage’s “technology mojo” with 52 new product and version releases pending across 30 countries. VP of Bots and AI Kriti Sharma was also on hand to live demo Sage’s Pegg chatbot with voice command.

BOTlanta – Continuing with technology and innovation, Kriti also hosted BOTlanta, an all-day session covering all things bots – from creation, to ethical implications, to risks around the latest trend in technology.

Sage Summit Session highlights

Relevant vs. Redundant: Future-proofing your practice

VP of Marketing Jennifer Warawa answers the big question: Will technology take your accounting job? In short, no. Jennifer’s session offered a roadmap for accountants looking to leverage technology advancements to become indispensable to their clients. “The numbers tell a story, and accountants have to be the storyteller.”

Accounting innovation: It’s not an oxymoron

Interim VP of Accounting Solutions Ed Kless hosted a panel discussion and Q&A covering various topics related to technology and accounting. He and his guest panelists addressed questions about how the top 100 U.S. accounting firms are adopting technology within their practices, how “new school” accountants are leveraging technology to become more consultative, and how the consultative role is (and should be) changing the accounting pricing structure.

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See you tomorrow!

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