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Social media in construction: Five basics you shouldn’t forget

A construction business is built on relationships and the referrals they provide. So, it’s not surprising that social media is turning into a popular marketing and sales tactic used by contractors. After all, people like to do business with companies they know and trust–whether that relationship is created offline or online.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Construction Marketing Association, 82 percent of construction marketing professionals plan to increase their investment in social media marketing in 2017. In fact, social media ranked second among marketing activities that will see the most increase in investment this year.

Are you one of those construction companies looking to increase your social media presence? Do you already have a program in place, or are you taking the plunge into social networking for the very first time? Whatever your current activity, here are some fundamental tips to effectively use social marketing to promote your construction business:

Finally, whichever online social route you take, be patient. Using social media to market your company is a long-term strategy. Some of the biggest benefits for construction companies are awareness, followed by increased website traffic, and then sales leads. Essentially social media supports the typical buying process. And as more of your market embraces social media these benefits will increase.