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Social media: The new data-driven recruitment tool

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Most people use social media to connect with friends, family, or former colleagues. But constant exposure to social media is disrupting the workplace as we know it today. Over the past decade, social media has started to revolutionize the way employers engage with or find superstar employees. A recent Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) global study revealed that 84% of organizations are now using social media for recruiting and at least 9% are planning to implement it over the next year or two, which is up from 56% in 2011.

A 2015 Pew Center of Research study reported that 35% of Americans have used social media to look for and/or research a job and 21% have applied for a job they found out about through their social media connections. If your company isn’t using social media to find talent it’s time to step up to plate and implement new tools. According to LinkedIn, 43% of recruiters worldwide cite social media as the top resource to find superstar talent. Recruiting top talent is a high priority for all employers this upcoming year.

Let’s discuss some new tools on the horizon that will help human resources and recruitment professionals in 2017.

LinkedIn’s new social tools for job seekers and recruiters

Since its acquisition by Microsoft in 2016, LinkedIn has announced several updates to its social media network. Since the buyout in June, they’ve redesigned profile pages, launched LinkedIn ProFinder, a tool to help businesses connect with freelancers; the rollout of its new chat bot desktop messenger system; and Recruiter System Connect, a tool that helps recruiters keep track of applicants all in one place.

“Our mission is to break down the walls that stand between job seekers and recruiters, and give companies the insight they need to attract the cream of the crop,” said Eduardo Vivas, head of product, talent solutions at LinkedIn.

Is Facebook the new LinkedIn?  

Last month, Facebook launched a new tool, Facebook Jobs, in North America helping small business owners fill open positions around the country. Facebook Jobs will allow businesses the opportunity to post jobs directly to their fan pages. Before launching, this feature ran as a pilot program in certain cities.

“We’re focused on building new ways to help make it easier for businesses to interact with the over 1 billion people visiting Pages every month. Businesses and people already use Facebook to fill and find jobs, so we’re rolling out new features that allow job posting and application directly on Facebook,” said Facebook in a recent blog post.

The new feature release is a win for both employers and applicants. People visit Facebook everyday to connect with friends and families, and now they’ll be able to apply for jobs too.

“The experience is simple for applicants, too. Job posts may appear in their News Feed, in the new bookmark for jobs, and alongside other posts on business Pages. When they click on the Apply Now button, a form will open that’s pre-populated with information from their profile on Facebook. Applicants can always review and edit their information before submitting it.”

Tips on how to attract the best talent on social media

  • Make sure your company’s social media profiles are up to date with the latest branding and contact information.
  • Host a live Q&A video chat with your HR and recruiting teams on a regular basis using YouTube Live, Periscope, or Facebook Live to offer tips on how to apply to openings at your company. These are free opportunities to interact with your talent pool and reduce the amount of calls to your office about job openings.
  • Use sponsored ads on social media networks to get in front of superstar talent. This is an affordable way to get your job announcements out there in front of the right candidates.

“Social capital is essential to overall business success” says LaDonna Lewis, Product Manager for HCM at Sage.  “The Internet has dramatically connected the world and employers who embrace social media will no doubt achieve their recruiting goals more efficiently than those that do not.  You have to conquer the social playground to attract your target audience and interact with them in the way they like to interact…. this means leveraging SnapChat, text, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Regardless of your industry, social media will serve as a powerful tool towards your recruiting success.”

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