Taking estimating to the next level: one contractor’s story

Published · 1 min read

If you think your operation is too small to justify a dedicated construction estimating solution—think again.

Echo Valley Irrigation (EVI), located in Edmonton, AB Canada, is a small company (two person office) that designs and installs irrigation systems for sports fields and golf courses. They’ve been up and running on Sage Estimating for almost a year now and president Andre Dickner says “they couldn’t live without it!”.

However, that’s not always been the case. In fact, after their initial research years ago into construction estimating software, they DID look at Sage Estimating but wrote it off because their organization didn’t feel they could justify the cost at the time. Instead, they went with a lower cost solution only to scrap the system after investing valuable time and money getting it installed and up and running. It just wasn’t a good fit.

The story doesn’t end there. EVI went back to estimating using a spreadsheet. And, as fate would have it, the inevitable happened. On a single job, a mistake was made and a large amount of profit was left on the table. This was all it took for EVI to make the decision to purchase Sage Estimating.  Hear first-hand how EVI has been able to take their estimating (and profits) to the next level.

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