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The latest on lean construction

Lean construction continues to gain traction. The lean movement makes perfect sense given one of the biggest challenges contractors face today is a shortage of labor.  Having your team work harder is no longer an option. They’re likely already stretched awfully thin. Getting rid of waste to improve efficiency, however—now that’s a different story.

Lean construction is all about trimming waste, especially when it comes to your team’s time. It’s also about questioning the status quo, making sure every single thing you do is creating value for your customers. If it’s not, out it goes.

The very nature of lean creates an environment where employees can proactively suggest ways to improve how things are done. Employees are more engaged and that means they’re more likely to stay with your company—another bonus in today’s competition for skilled workers.

So what’s the latest news on lean construction? Here are some interesting tidbits I’ve recently come across:

Of course, much more is happening with lean construction than what I’ve just listed. Contractors today are constantly challenging the old way of doing things and embracing new methods, new technology, and new thinking. Are you?