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Three ways Cloud ERP fuels the growth and success of mid-sized companies

Being a mid-sized company is not always comfortable place to be. Mid-sized enterprises face the distinct challenge of balancing agility against scale. They may lack sufficient agility to compete against smaller companies that can be more responsive to change. Yet at the same time, mid-sized companies don’t benefit from the scale, lower marginal costs, and access to markets and capital as their larger competitors. In addition, they don’t qualify for the tax breaks afforded to small business, nor can they take advantage of the loopholes in tax law that the big companies can leverage.

You’re basically caught in the middle. And that’s why it’s a good strategy for midsized companies to focus on growth. You can win against the competition through the powerful combination of agility and growth. And you can support and promote agility and growth through an effective, efficient cloud-based business management solution. Here are three ways a cloud-based deployment helps midsized enterprises fuel their growth:

1. Faster time to value

Cloud solutions speed your return on investment by minimizing up-front infrastructure costs and requiring minimal IT resources. In fact, a recent study conducted by the Forrester Group found companies can benefit from a 177% return on investment in as quick as five months. You can quickly bring multiple sites on line, and reduce the demands on your in-house teams, freeing their resources for value-adding tasks.

2. Simple to use and maintain

A cloud deployment model leads to simpler software management. Updates are made centrally and backups are handled automatically. New users can be brought on board instantly, and the solution is accessible from anywhere and from any device.

3. Flexible, adaptable, and scalable

Cloud based solutions can be highly flexible and adaptable and are inherently scalable, allowing organizations to focus on growth activities without worrying about their business management solution.

In short, cloud ERP helps midsized enterprises grow faster, without the complexity and cost of conventional ERP system.

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