Time Waster #5: AIA forms filled out manually

Published · 1 min read

So often when construction business leaders look to improve efficiency, they’re focused on the big issues in their company. But it’s also important to consider the “little things.” Cumbersome everyday tasks often add up to a significant time drain on employees, preventing them from doing more important work. In construction, AIA forms are one example.

Your accounting team has to keep track of a lot of numbers to properly complete an AIA billing form. For each billing period, they have to fill out the original contract amount, what has been previously billed, work completed during the current billing period, change orders that need to be take into account, and retainage—just as a starting point. To create even more work the information has to be broken down by cost code or phase of work.

Doing all of this work manually takes a considerable amount of time. That was case for Ecker Enterprises when they used to keep track of AIA billing information using Microsoft Excel. Now the drywall and framing contractor uses software that can handle construction-related billing. When they need to produce an AIA form they can pre-populate it with most of the required information needed right from within their software system.

If you’re looking to improve staff productivity in your construction firm, consider doing a “process walk.”  Going through the steps your team takes on a typical day is the best way to uncover the “little things” that are getting in the way of accomplishing your company’s bigger goals.

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