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Time waster #6: Payroll administrator struggles with government reporting

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Time waster #6: Payroll administrator struggles with government reporting

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates it takes 55 minutes to complete the certified payroll form WH-347 for eight employees on a single job each week. And that’s one of the easier government forms to complete!

Payroll reporting, in general, is a key area where you can increase efficiencies. In addition to certified payroll reports for any government work you do, there are W-2s, 1099s, and other payroll tax reports that need to be filed each pay period. The hours to prepare these reports manually can add up quickly.

Remove the tedious work

Construction payroll is notoriously complex and unique compared to other businesses. To reduce work in this area, look to improve processes and implement construction-specific software and services that will allow you to:

  • Generate your government forms automatically with much of the information prefilled. That way all you have to do is review the information and add adjustments as needed.
  • Electronically file your forms to the government. Services such as Aatrix can be integrated with your accounting software to file hundreds of government reports and forms right from the software.
  • Automatically mail employees copies of their W-2s. Even better, some e-filing services provide W-2s to employees through a secure website so they can access the information 24-7.

And, of course, anything you can do to make it easier for payroll staff to get time information from the field will make their jobs a lot easier. Mobile time entry and approval is one-way contractors are reducing the hassle of getting payrolls processed and government reports out the door.

This post is part of a blog series focused on the top 10 time wasters often found in construction firms. To learn more about the other nine time wasters, download our new e-book.

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