Time waster #7: Payroll administrator works overtime to manage union payroll

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My March 1 blog addressed the struggles payroll administrators can have with government reporting. If you hire union workers, your payroll takes on yet another layer of complexity. Just one job can have workers from several different unions and locals, each group with its own reporting forms and requirements. And depending on the type of job, a worker can fall into different union classes, with different pay rates and fringes.

Can your payroll software or service handle multiple union requirements? If it doesn’t, your payroll staff is forced to do lots of manual calculations and manipulate data for each union and local you work with. That’s a lot of work.

Assistance with union requirements

Automating your union payroll process will go a long way to reduce your payroll staff’s workload. An effective payroll system will allow you to:

  • Track union contract details so you know exactly what you are required to do.
  • Define guidelines for the automatic calculation of union pays, deductions such as union dues, and fringe benefits for any combination of union class and local.
  • Quickly enter time, including automatically switching union locals based on job location.
  • Run a union summary and other required union reports.

Of course, there will always be times when someone who handles your payroll leaves and you need to hire a replacement. Finding someone with union payroll experience may be preferable but not always possible. By automating your union payroll process, it will be easier to onboard a new payroll employee because the guidelines, calculations, and processes are already built into the software.

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