Turkey is the bridge for international economic growth

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Turkey has always been the bridge between Europe and Asia. Yet up to now it’s been easy to forget the huge role that it plays in driving international growth. Out of all the emerging markets, Turkey has seen one of the most significant GDP growths in the last decade, and the World Bank notes has measured an increase of 4.1% since 2010 alone. The manufacturing sector is spearheading Turkey’s economy, contributing a sizeable quarter (24.2%) of its GDP.

It’s these reasons that made holding our 5th Sage Enterprise Management Conference in Istanbul a foregone conclusion. We hosted up to 400 business partners and customers from over 20 countries, and most of the visitors (myself included) were amazed by European flavor of the city and the energy and dynamism of the country as a whole.

The atmosphere on the ground at the event was extremely positive, with some partners deciding to explore business opportunities in Turkey while at the conference. Many commented that it was a brilliant idea to bring the X3 community to a new, emerging economy and it helped show how technology is giving Turkish businesses tools to be more agile and productive – and inspiring business strategies and partnerships with their European counterparts in the process.

This makes a huge difference in terms of standing out against the competition and the growth of multi-country business, across continents, is a key proof point for what we’re trying to achieve with Enterprise Management. Indeed, the conference helped many people familiarize themselves with international expenditure and served as a hotbed for lead generation as well as a great networking opportunity for businesses to stock up their sales pipeline.

Turkey is in a pivotal position to drive global economic growth and we were incredibly proud to play host in such an exciting and inspiring country. It felt as if Istanbul’s energy mirrored our disruptive, user-centric approach and the conference served as the perfect complement to the upcoming Global Summit.

See some pictures from the event below.



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