Winning today’s HR talent war

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The corporate battle for talent is intensifying. Successful organizations know they need to be great to attract and keep top talent. But hiring talent is not just about offering the highest salary. It’s about providing each employee with the development, challenges, and appreciation to ensure they remain happy, engaged, and motivated.

Talent management has become a major priority for many organizations looking to compete in today’s job market. A recent Korn-Ferry International report on talent forecasting revealed that one-third of talent acquisition teams globally are working without a strategic workforce plan. HR departments need to have a long-term talent acquisition strategy in place that aligns with the organization’s strategic plan. This will help your organization remain innovative while keeping up to speed with the global job market.

What actions can your organization take to today to win the talent war?

Reinvent your brand message

According to, 62% of global recruiting leaders cite employer branding as a top priority. Your company brand should reflect your internal culture. If you haven’t taken it seriously yet, now is the time for you to ensure that you are building your employer brand to attract talent. Develop your employee value proposition and create a message that aligns with your corporate brand and expresses why someone should join your company. Communicating your employer brand can help answer most of the questions that can arise among candidates, like: Why do your employees want to work with you? What is unique about your organization’s culture? What is it like to work at your organization? A well-articulated employer-branding message can attract candidates and make the recruiter’s job much easier.

Ditch the silos and assess your talent landscape for the future

A PWC study revealed that 55 percent of companies work in silos, with each business function making its own roadmap for the future. Every department in your organization has a hand in how rather or not your company succeeds. It’s time to ditch the silos and work across all business functions to assess your talent needs for the future. An easy way for HR and other lines of business to sync up is to create cross-functional teams that meet bi-annually about your strategic plan.

Provide a better recruitment experience

It is all about treating candidates like humans, respecting their time and interest when applying to your organization, and following through on the promises that you make during the interview process. Remember: It is also about transparency. Sending a simple thank you note to candidates who aren’t moving forward in the interview process can still have a positive effect on your company. Many times, job seekers are left in the dark without any contact to let them know they aren’t being hired. Don’t burn any bridges. You never know when a former candidate might have a relationship with someone you want to hire in the future. You would hate to tarnish your company’s reputation because your recruitment process wasn’t a pleasant one.

Meet your candidates where they are

Recruitment has changed so much during the past decade. Posting a job opening online is just the starting point to the recruitment process. It’s time to get creative and meet your candidates where they are. Social media is a great avenue for finding superstar employees. Read our latest blog post to discover a few tips on how to attract the best talent on social media.

Want to discover more tips how to win today’s HR talent war? Tune into our upcoming webinar to hear experts from Sage discuss the latest research and stats on hiring new talent.

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