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Professional curler and accounting pro: Your passion can help you build better business relationships

Sports are known as a great unifier: Look into the stands at any game and you’ll find people from all walks of life, socioeconomic situations and professional fields cheering in unison and rooting passionately for the cause.

Playing a sport can stoke feelings of togetherness and, if you ask Paul Meissner, that’s especially true in his favorite sport, curling. Meissner, a professional accountant, entrepreneur and podcast host, says he has learned some of life’s greatest business lessons on the ice.

I interviewed Meissner on the Green Apple Podcast and learned what curling can teach us about teamwork, camaraderie and communication.

Meissner grew up skiing competitively but, as he got older, decided to move to curling, a winter sport that continues to shape his views on business and relationships. But, what exactly does curling have to do with the business world? Meissner draws the following parallels from his time on the ice:

While curling may seem like a peculiar sport to those who aren’t accustomed to playing and watching, it’s a sport that brings people together. Meissner says he often takes colleagues and clients to play. He really enjoys it because everyone is out of their comfort zone and learning to improve their skills on an equal playing field.

Just like any curling team, with enough time, practice and communication, any business team can learn to work in unison no matter their background. And perhaps the most important lesson of all, Meissner says, is learning to find common ground — and common goals — with everyone we meet.

To listen to the full interview, tune in below: