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Sage Pathways: start or restart your career with us

Register for our free online event on August 3, 2021 to help you start or get back to work.

Join our customer services team

Are you a young adult starting on the career path, or maybe you are looking to return to work after a career break and want to restart your career in an inspiring, flexible and supportive place to work?
Either way, this may be the program for you! Our Sage Pathways program in customer services, based at our offices in Lawrenceville, GA, is designed to help young adults start their career, or support those who have held professional roles in the past to return to work after a career break.
Sage Pathways is a ‘supported-hiring’ program where you will be recruited into a permanent position as a customer services associate analyst, and provided with a nine month program of training and support that can ultimately lead to a variety of career pathways.
You will start your journey with us in the customer services team where you will spend the first six weeks learning all about our products, services, customers and business. From here, you will move into a customer service advisor role sitting at the heart of what we value most – helping our customers succeed.
A coach and mentor will guide you on the job and through those nine months so you will have lots of support and direction. You will also be introduced to a Sage ‘buddy’ to help you navigate the business (as we know sometimes that can be the tough bit). Most importantly you’ll be part of a community of people so you’ll never feel alone.

How do I apply for the Sage Pathways program?

You may not have had much experience applying for roles for a while, so we want to ensure you get support every step of the way, to give you the best opportunity to show us your potential.

  1. To get you going we are running a ‘Sage Pathways program return to work’ event on August 3, 2021 which will be held online. This information session will give you the opportunity to explore what it’s like to work at Sage and find out more about the program and the role. We’ll also help you prepare for our application process and get you ‘recruitment ready’ with sessions on interview skills, building your personal brand and returning with confidence. There will be plenty of Sage people to talk to and answer your questions including mentors and buddies, colleagues from customer services and members of the recruitment team. To register for this event please complete the Pathways event registration form
  2. If you have any questions about the program, you can contact the team by email at [email protected]
  3. We have produced this interview tips & preparation guide which we hope will be useful now, or when you apply for other roles in the future
  4. If your application is successful, we will invite you for an interview over the phone. You will talk to one of our customer services or recruitment team again – they will spend time chatting to you about the role in more detail and will also ask you some questions about yourself and why you want to apply for the Sage Pathways program
  5. If your phone interview is successful, you will be notified within 48 hours to explain the next steps in the process which will involve an assessment
  6. After completion of the assessment, you will be notified within 48 hours to determine if you will move forward in the program

Working with us

Supporting people through our Sage Pathways program is just one way of showing just how important people are to us. We love our people and they love us back; whether due to our development focus for all, the volunteering days, flexible working or just the fun our colleagues have at work. We are incredibly proud of our supportive, engaging, creative and forward- thinking culture. There really can’t be a better place to return to work!

Why apply for the Sage Pathways program?

The opportunity to learn new skills and forge a new permanent career 

Work in a way that works for you – we offer some flexibility in our work patterns

We are a business and a team that makes a difference and that cares

We work in an open and inclusive working environment

You’ll get lots of help from our supportive culture

 We have family friendly policies and practices 

Our leaders are inspiring and act as role models 

 The customer services associate analyst role is challenging and rewarding

There are many opportunities for career progression  

 Our people love working here

Customer services associate analyst role

When you join us on the Sage Pathways program you will start in customer services. Read details on the customer services associate analyst role.

What your nine months training timeline will look like:

Month 1: September

  • Onboarding
  • Training (300 construction and real estate – payroll)

Months 2-3: October – November

  • Ramp up – speaking with customers
  • Coaching & mentoring with subject matter experts
  • Classroom regroup – deep dive
  • Goal setting
  • Regular check in with manager
  • Meet your team (virtually)

Months 4-5: December – January

  • Peak season prep & peak season (additional training)
  • Speaking with customers
  • Review any additional training needs
  • Regular check in with manager
  • Progress check on goals

Months 6-7: February – March

  • Training on a second application/skill
  • Speaking with customers
  • Coaching & mentoring with subject matter experts
  • Classroom regroup – deep dive on second skill
  • Review any additional training needs
  • Regular check in with manager
  • Progress check on goals

Months 8-9: April – May (graduate)

  • Speaking with customers
  • Coaching – ongoing feedback
  • Monthly 1-2-1 with manager
  • Progress check on goals
  • Building relationships with new team
  • Career pathing
  • Graduation from the Pathways program

Starting with us

If you are one of the successful new starters, your first day will introduce you to life at Sage as well as meeting your fellow new starter colleagues. Your first week will be focused on providing you with that core foundation knowledge of your supported skill which we’ll build on week by week.

You will also meet your coach, line manager and buddy and be provided with a full overview of your training and coaching program.

Start your career at a place that matters and cares

Every day at Sage, we support and enable the success of business builders in the US and around the world. We’re not just another technology company, we champion and celebrate the entrepreneurs and small businesses of the world. We grow as a family, we spark conversations, we share the love, and we believe in giving back to the community. Start or return to work with us - where colleague success walks hand in hand with customer success and innovation.

Sage Pathways case studies

Kouassi Anguie - apprentice cloud engineer

"The Pathways program was a unique opportunity to re-start my career in technology. I felt a little bit overwhelmed at the idea of starting all over again, but the program helped me build my confidence up through the supported training and development.

Sage is a great place to work, there are a lot of perks and incentives for Sage employees. Sage culture is quite unique, you are always encouraged to bring your whole self to work.

Without the initial event, I would have never applied to the program. All the speakers were very inspirational especially all these women sharing their personal career break stories."

Angela Carss - associate RPA (robotic process automation) developer

"My Sage Pathways experience has been a very positive one and I cannot thank this program enough for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. I joined the program as a Sage Business Cloud Payroll technical support after a 4-year career break raising my three young children.

Flexibility was very important to me and this program let me work whilst I was still able to do the school runs and enjoyed time off with the kids when they were off school.

I gained a thorough understanding of Sage Business Cloud Payroll software."

Andrew Shone - technical support

"I am slightly older than the typical frontline technician but I was drawn to the Pathways program because of the flexibility it offered as I have had several periods of family responsibilities. It gave me the chance to work in a large organization and what appeared to be, and turned out to be, a very supportive environment. And let’s not forget it was a job opportunity!

After a really good period of initial training that gave me the skills and confidence to tackle the job, the coaching and fantastic background support has made progression an easy process."

Sage Foundation

We take our responsibility to the communities in which we live and work very seriously and through our Sage Foundation we help disadvantaged communities in over 20 countries. We are committed to transforming lives by investing our time, money, expertise and technology to create sustainable social, economic and entrepreneurial opportunities there. When you join Sage, you will be able to play your part through 5 days of volunteering in a charity of your choice, out of the office, every year.