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SAN CAS Program Webcast Series

The Sage Accountants Network (SAN) Client Advisory Services (CAS) Program was created to help accounting professionals create a clear and concise strategy for increasing value and profitability. In this three-part webcast series, Gary Boomer and Ed Kless discuss how to grow advisory and consulting services, how to package and price these services, and how to build a staff to support these services.

Part 1: Growing Advisory & Consulting Services

The first part of this webcast series introduces you to the SAN CAS Program. Gary and Ed describe how to become a future-ready accounting professional and how make the shift to providing advisory services for your clients.

Part 2: Packaging & Pricing

In the next session of the webcast series, Gary and Ed discuss how to package and price your firm’s advisory services. Topics include defining a menu of services, learning the rules of pricing, and understanding pricing strategies.

Part 3: Staffing Advisory & Consulting Services

The skills required to build a future-ready advisory practice are different than those of a traditional practice, and in the final session Gary and Ed discuss how to successfully staff an advisory service practice through leadership, a collaborative team, and innovative skillsets.

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How to move to the cloud

The cloud is here to stay. The good news is that it has many benefits for both accounting professionals and their clients. In this webcast, you'll discover these benefits along with a plan on how to take your firm and your clients on a journey to the cloud.

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Becoming More Valuable to Your Clients with Client Advisory Services

The key question for you: Are you ready to transform your practice?

This program was developed in partnership with Boomer Consulting and is based on decades of experience – taking advantage of the expertise shared in the program will allow you to become a true business partner to your clients. The goal here is to try to give you a nudge and consider the possibilities.