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AP Automation Tools for Modern Accounting Teams

Automation Tools for Modern Accounts Payable Teams

Webcast recording for Sage customers

What’s wrong with accounts payable today?

Even before the pandemic, finance and accounting teams were moving away from manual processes towards new, efficient automated systems. According to a survey with 1100 C-Suite Executives, 41% of them claim they have implemented new technologies to access real-time data, improve productivity and increase data reliability and security. 

AP is one accounting process that has been slow to evolve out of the dark ages. AP teams still rely heavily on error-prone and time-intensive tasks such as data entry, check printing, and approval follow-up.

This leads to an average cost of $15 to process an invoice manually, and 20+ days to close it off.  AP automation tools help bring this cost down to $2.36 and 5 days to process an invoice.

Watch this webcast recording to learn:

  • How to reduce the cost of manual, inefficient tasks by more than 80%
  • Steps to mitigate AP risks such as errors and fraud
  • Solutions to accommodate your accounting team for remote work
  • Why you need one central system that provides 360° management of PO’s, invoices, expenses and payments