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Automate Accounts Receivables to Improve Cashflow Performance

Manage cash forecasting, reduce bad debt and improve profitability

The current business climate has resulted in many organizations experiencing or anticipating a significant increase in late payments. If new approaches are not adopted it’s expected 30-day outstanding payments will rise significantly, in many cases above 90 days. This dramatically affects cashflow and some organizations will face the major threat of running out of cash.

Credit Hound by Draycir addresses this by automating Accounts Receivable (AR)/collections processes including handling multiple extended payment scenarios and management of complex payment terms.

Seamlessly integrated with your Sage solution, Credit Hound provides a single, streamlined view of business credit information backed by automated task management. This helps automate day-to-day credit control processes, reducing manual administrative tasks by providing a clear view of what is owed and from who.

Watch this webcast recording to learn about the key components of Credit Hound including:

Pro-Active Credit Control
Automate daily repetitive tasks—send reminder emails, place overdue accounts on stop and add new calendar tasks to chase late payments.

Interactive Accounts & Aged Debtor lists
Quickly and easily filter accounts by debtor amount, age, customer type and even custom analysis code data. Quickly see exposure to risk by comparing outstanding debt against credit limits.

Reporting & Dispute Management
Save hours every week compiling credit control and cash flow reports for the business. Credit Hound provides a clear audit trail for all communications sent to a customer. Dispute Analysis reports help to highlight common issues relating to operational issues or customer non-payment.