Transform the way you acquire, retain, manage and engage your people.

Unlock your growth potential by improving visibility, increasing HR productivity, and delivering great experiences - with Sage Business Cloud People

Why Sage Business Cloud People

Sage Business Cloud People is a comprehensive global HR and People system that covers the entire employment journey, providing a seamless user experience that runs on any device. It's quick to set up, easy to use and delivers a short time to benefit. Furthermore, companies can create global policies while remaining locally compliant with new regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

Workforce Visibility

Know your people as well as you know your customers.

  • Leverage accurate people data to deliver actionable insights, for smarter business decisions
  • Easy integration with other systems
  • Monitor key metrics for your entire workforce
  • On-demand access to real-time insights
  • Access from any device at any time
  • Single source of truth for all your people data

Workforce Experience

Enable your people to do their best work.

  • Deliver great experiences to improve engagement, retention and productivity
  • Mobile, on-demand self-service access
  • Integrated communications and feedback
  • End-to-end process automation
  • Continually design new and better ways of working
  • Tailored and branded company portal

HR Productivity

Increase performance, accuracy and compliance through automation.

  • Automate global processes
  • Deliver compliance with local laws
  • Easy integration with third party systems
  • Rapid user adoption
  • Set up using configuration; not code

Take the first steps to becoming a People Company with these guides

Workforce Visibility

Workforce visibility

Research Report: 500+ Global HR leaders on business growth challenges
Our latest survey report reveals business leaders’ concerns about the growth challenges they face and the complexities of ensuring consistent, relevant and motivational HR practices.
Discover how to improve visibility of your workforce, with data-driven and actionable insights.
Case study | 2,200 employees, 11 countries, 1 source of truth
See how tech company, SolarWinds, unlocked fast-track growth potential through its workforce by accelerating HR processes, enriching employee engagement, and using real-time data for smarter decisions.

GDPR & Compliance

GDPR & Compliance

The HR and People leader’s guide to GDPR - Six steps to GDPR-readiness
Our new ebook explores why HR and People leaders across the globe should care – and what they need to do to prepare.
The HR and People leader’s guide to GDPR - webinar
Do you know the role HR and People leaders have to play preparing for GDPR? In our new On-Demand webinar, Paul Burrin, VP of Sage Business Cloud People, will take you through everything HR and People leaders need to know about GDPR and what they need to do to prepare.

Workforce Experiences

Workforce Experiences

What do your workforce really want? 
3,500 employees reveal what drives them and makes them productive in the workplace – with surprising results. Get the research for instant insights now. 
How CRU boosted productivity
CRU transformed their entire company’s culture and performance by creating better workforce experiences for their people. Discover how.

Why Sage Business Cloud?

One and Only
Powerful solutions for all business sizes. Ready with the products you need as your business changes in size or complexity.
Our products are developed based on the latest market and technology trends, from the first accounting chatbot, to the first to offer multi-entity accounting.
Trusted and secure
1 million customers trust Sage Business Cloud across 14 countries. You can be sure of bank-level security and continuous secure data backup. 
Partner ecosystem
A thriving partner ecosystem consisting of hundreds of marketplace applications with over 200 ISVs and leading best of breed partnerships.