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Piece together the puzzle that is productivity

US Businesses Due to Lose 346 Billion Dollars to Admin in 2019

This might sound startling, so how do we begin to piece together the puzzle that is productivity? Check out our productivity tracker here to learn more.

We Power the Nation

Sage commissioned a survey of 3,000 businesses globally to find out where the industry is headed in terms of innovation and what they need to thrive.

We found that the findings focus on three key insights.

  • Productivity
    The US is projected to lose over 300 billion dollars in revenue in 2019 due to productivity issues. How do we solve the productivity puzzle? That's still to be solved but investing in tech that cuts out administrative hours can be incredibly helpful.
  • People
    42% of medium-sized businesses and 40% of large-sized businesses say they spend 16-35% of their revenue on investing in digital skills. Investing in digital skills not only helps from a revenue/bottom line perspective, but it also supports the internal capabilities and productivity of staff.
  • Trade/Compliance
    Increasingly in a global economy issues of trade compliance/tax compliance has become a talking point for businesses. In fact, 43% of medium-sized businesses and 41% of large-sized businesses believe the government should provide free digital skills training, and 36% of medium-sized businesses and 38% of large-sized businesses claim the government should subsidize the technology. 

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