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Sage Expert Services are available exclusively to Sage customers. Services are conducted by senior analysts that have advanced technical knowledge of Sage 50. The fee-based services are competitively priced with third-party offerings to ensure you get the right services that fit your business needs. With Sage Expert Services you can be assured to be working with someone who’s an expert with your Sage product and data. Our experts are here for you every step of the way, browse through our Expert Services Offerings and set up your free consultation today. 

Sage Expert Services Offerings

A dedicated senior analyst will carefully install your Sage 50 program, or software upgrades for you. 

Services include:

  • A consultation ahead of time to talk about your unique business network environment.
  • Installation scheduled at your convenience.
  • A call to remotely assist you with the Sage 50 installation on your server and workstations.

Get exclusive access to work with members of our Data Repair Team. They have deep product knowledge to ensure your business data needs are met.

Services include:

  • Change Fiscal Year Structure through a rebuild of lists and balances.
  • Change Accounting Method, Accrual and Cash Basis through a rebuild of lists and balances.
  • Perform database migration from a Sage or non-Sage accounting program.
  • Rebuild other lists and balances to reduce file size and eliminate data corruption.
  • Deliver expedited data service with a 24 business hour turnaround on select services.*

*There is a 2pm ET cutoff time to get expedited services.

Take advantage of a free consultation to talk through your unique situation and develop a customized plan with one of our senior analysts. This will ensure you get the best Sage 50 customization possible.

This might include:

  • Custom reports and Financial Statements like General Ledgers, Income Statements, and A/R and A/P reports.
  • Custom import templates led by General Journal Entries, Times Sheets/Time Tickets, and Import Defaults.
  • Custom forms such as Sales Invoices, Payroll Check layouts and more.

Please note: All customization services are limited to the parameters/options that are available within the Sage 50 Program.

Take advantage of Sage Expert Services to remove some of the stress of Year-End.  A Sage senior analyst will ensure your Year-End process is completed smoothly and efficiently by remotely connecting to your computer and assist with all Year-End requirements necessary to close out the year within your Sage 50 Accounting software. 

Advantages of using this service:

  • Self-scheduled appointments that work best for you.
  • A Sage expert to work with you step by step to complete the Year-End process.
  • Help with installing the latest Sage 50 US tax update.
  • Reduced downtime so that you are up and running for the new year.

Our Sage Expert Services will assist with creating user-maintained formulas based upon the unique payroll guidelines for each company. Our team of Sage experts will ensure the payroll formulas used reflects the needed payroll results.* 

Benefits of using this service include:

  • Reduced time to go live with payroll changes.
  • Faster updates for user-maintained formula(s).
  • Accurate formula design based upon unique payroll fields.
  • Help from a Sage expert that understands user-maintained formulas in Sage 50 Accounting.

* limited to documented Sage payroll formulas. 

Our Sage Expert Services can assist with obtaining access to your existing Sage 50 Accounting company.  This service includes assistance resetting the administrator account on an unsupported release of Sage 50 Accounting.  A per company fee applies for multiple companies.

Get started with a free consultation

Sage Expert Services fulfill the needs that fall outside the scope of your service plan.   A complimentary conversation with one of our experts will help determine how we can best service you. Our prices are competitive for the services we provide and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re working directly with Sage experts who know your product inside and out.  Let us help you get the most out of your software by setting up your free consultation today.

Two ways to take advantage now:

  1. Email us at [email protected]
  2. Connect with a Sage 50 expert via online scheduler

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