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Surviving late payments with advanced credit control from Draycir

Webcast recording for Sage customers

Save time and reduce administrative work involved in accounts receivable

The current business climate has resulted in many organizations experiencing or anticipating a significant increase in late payments. The situation may be even worse for organizations having to reduce staffing numbers while trying to manage extended payment terms.

Many organizations are not aware that they can automate their collection/AR processes, including handling multiple extended payment scenarios, which will significantly improve cash flow and manage complex payment terms.

Watch this webcast recording to learn how Credit Hound by Draycir, an advanced Collections Management software integrates with your existing Sage solution to help you:

  • Get paid faster
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Manage and reduce debtor days
  • Automate your collections management process
  • Get more out of limited resources
  • Improve the cash available for your business