Experience the power of a connected CRM solution

Drive revenue growth in your business and reap all the benefits of a connected CRM solution.

Experience the power of a connected CRM solution

Drive revenue growth in your business and reap all the benefits of a connected CRM solution.

Experience the power of a connected CRM solution

Drive revenue growth in your business and reap all the benefits of a connected CRM solution.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship management, and it is a way of tracking and managing interaction with prospects, leads and customers as they move through every stage of a company's sales cycle. 

If ERP lets you focus on running of your business, CRM helps you focus on customers. CRM software helps businesses improve customer relationships by organizing and automating communications and activities across all customer-facing departments including sales, marketing and customer service.

CRM software provides a level of automation that enables businesses to run smoothly and efficiently. And, because every customer interaction is stored in the one place, you and your team can nurture these relationships at every stage.

As a manager, you can also gain insight into how your sales and marketing campaigns are performing, helping you make more informed business decisions.

Outperform the competition with integrated CRM

Companies all around the world are already experiencing the power of an integrated CRM and business management solution. We're ready to help you bring together every area of your business including sales, finance, marketing and customer service. Then, you can transform your company into one that:

Improves customer service

With a complete view of the customer life cycle, your customer service team gains the tools they need to resolve queries faster and with more personal responses.

Markets more effectively

With an integrated solution, you will be able to create targeted campaigns based on customer information and deliver a better return on your marketing budget.

Empowers more productive people teams

An integrated solution gives your colleagues what they need to become more productive, and it also helps you avoid duplication of work. Customer service teams handle customer queries more efficiently, and sales teams can source quotes faster and meet specific shipment and delivery requirements.

Works faster and smarter

Automating work-flows that seamlessly connect one department to the next ensures your business processes run smoothly and efficiently.

Uses visibility to drive profitability

Using real-time information about the volume and value of trade in your company, you can identify sales patterns and cross-sell opportunities.

Pitches new products to the right people

With better business insight, you will be able to leverage reliable customer data and target customers who want your new products and services.

How CRM can help boost sales

A CRM solution helps you simplify the sales process, shorten sales cycles and make the most of every sales opportunity. CRM software automates sales tasks such as creating quotes and orders, forecasting sales, progressing leads and converting them to opportunities using sales workflows.

How CRM can help your business deliver exceptional customer service

Using CRM software, your marketing team can identify the sources of leads, opportunities and closed sales. They can also find customer information for upcoming campaigns and send targeted email marketing campaigns. When customers place orders for your products or services after these marketing campaigns, you can track these orders using your ERP or business management solution.

Learn how CRM improves productivity and profitability

CRM can help you increase productivity, drive revenue growth and send targeted marketing campaigns. You can even gain better business insight. 

Help your teams accomplish more
Avoid duplication of work and handle customer relationships more efficiently with a consolidated view of data.
Improve customer service
Gain an end-to-end view of the customer life-cycle based on reliable data and capitalize on up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
Market your products and services
Send targeted campaigns based on customer information and drive growth upwards.