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Provide more secure credit card transactions

Helps prevent counterfeit, lost or stolen cards, and reduces skimming at the point of sale.

Traditional credit and debit cards are prime targets for fraud because they store data that doesn't change. With EMV cards, this data changes each time the card is used.

Support contact, contactless, and mobile payments

Thanks to EMV supported terminals, your customers have additional ways of paying you, including through their smartphones.

Deploying EMV-capable terminals helps you accept emerging forms of mobile payment and potentially capture a greater share of the growing millennial market—the customers of the future. 

Reduce chargebacks

 Businesses that don’t have equipment able to process EMV-enabled debit and credit cards are financially liable for chargebacks.

Stronger cardholder verification decreases chargebacks, giving you more time to run your business and more income security.

Prepare for accepting EMV payments today

Use these materials to get your business (and employees) ready for EMV changes

Enhance security, limit liability

Get more information about the increased security you and your customers receive by using chip-enabled terminals.

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Get the right terminal

Sage offers several terminals that support EMV now so that your business is ready as EMV cards become widely deployed.

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Train your employees

By letting your employees know about changes, you'll help them be compliant and protect your business. 

EMV in 2 minutes

The switch to EMV can create many questions. Sage Payment Solutions has the experience and the know-how to advise businesses as they navigate the uncharted waters of this important transition.

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